For many first-time buyers, accepting financial support, whether in the form of a gift or a loan can help to ease the burden of purchasing a home. In some cases, it can even be the stepping stone that brings home ownership within reach. 

Although receiving support from a family member or loved one is not always preferable, today’s generation of buyers is facing new challenges compared to those in years past. The reality is that many Torontonians who are pursuing home ownership often don’t have the financial resources needed to get there.

If you’re a first-time home buyer in Toronto who is concerned about accepting financial support towards your purchase, here are a few insights and considerations that may change your perspective. 

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A New Reality For Home Buyers 

For some first-time buyers in Toronto, the cost of purchasing a home can be particularly daunting. Even in instances where families are working with two incomes, accumulating the savings needed for a downpayment, mortgage, and other costs of buying can be challenging. 

In a city where real estate is in exceptionally high demand, it’s simply not very likely that housing costs will decline. With that in mind, it’s best to accept help when possible in order to get into the market.

Entering the cycle of home ownership as soon as possible allows first-time buyers to begin building personal equity, which can be leveraged at a later date to ascend the property ladder. Hesitating for too long, however, could lead to being priced out. 

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Navigating Emotions 

While accepting financial support from a loved one can be the difference maker for many buyers, it can also introduce certain hesitations. After all, money can be a sensitive topic regardless of the context. 

In the case of first-time buyers, one of the most common concerns we hear about accepting financial help is how it may impact their personal relationships. While these anxieties are valid, having an established plan in place that establishes expectations around how the money will be used, when it will be repaid (if applicable), and any other terms or conditions can help to mitigate the chances of miscommunication.

Uncovering Other Financial Power

In light of today’s rising housing costs, many first-time buyers are embracing creative solutions after their purchase in order to offset certain expenses. One of the most prominent of these trends is House Hacking, in which buyers rent out a portion of their home in order to earn additional income, which can then be used towards monthly mortgage payments or other costs. 

In some cases, buyers may even find a property that already includes a turnkey secondary suite. Then, with just a few strategic optimizations, they’ll be able to earn high-quality passive income. 

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A Collaborative Buying Experience

As a first-time buyer, working with an experienced local real estate agent is an essential part of finding the right home. However, given the unique position that many of today’s buyers are facing, it’s additionally important to work with an agent who understands the personal and emotional nuances of your circumstance. 

At Ramsay Real Estate Group, we excel at working with multiple buying parties, incorporating creative, outside-the-box solutions to ensure everyone feels heard, comfortable and of course, excited. Our direct experience with these types of transactions can help reduce the chances of miscommunication or strain on personal relationships while working towards a great result. 

Whether you’re a parent who wants to help their child enter the cycle of home ownership, a young professional who has been offered financial support towards their purchase, or in other circumstances, our team can guide you through a confident and unpressured buying experience. 

Our analytical approach can help you maximize your first home through informed financial planning, solidifying your market position so you feel confident making intelligent real estate decisions. 

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