Over the years we’ve successfully sold many homes for our Toronto clients, and we’ve watched many others struggle with common mistakes they could easily avoid by working with the right agent.

Here are the top mistakes to avoid, when listing houses for sale in Toronto:

1. Not Pricing Correctly For The Market

The price of your home determines its exposure to buyers. It can be a very costly mistake if you price your home incorrectly. Your Realtor will analyze the recent sales in your neighbourhood, the home itself, and the current market conditions to suggest an appropriate pricing strategy to maximize the sale price of your home. It’s important to understand pricing your home correctly for the current market will help you sell your home as quickly as possible for the correct price.

2. Not Decluttering

A tidy home is very inviting for buyers. De-personalizing and cleaning up makes rooms look bigger and makes it easy for buyers to picture themselves and their families living in the home. Spending a bit of time to remove your personal items will help buyers connect with the home on their first visit.

3. Not Staging The Property

A buyer isn’t just looking to envision themselves living in your property, they want to fall in love with the space. The best way to capture a buyer’s attention is to stage your property in a way that will appeal to what buyers are looking for. These days, the first step to buying a home is often done online, so working with a professional stager and photographer is your best bet to get your property to the top of a buyer’s shortlist of homes to view.

When you work with Ramsay Real Estate Group, we go above and beyond to stage your property and photograph it so that you’ll be able to sell for the highest value.

4. Not Hiring A Professional:

Your home is one of your biggest assets. Hiring a professional to manage the sales process leads to a smooth process, avoids headaches and costly mistakes, and will get you the highest maximum sale price.

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