As a Toronto condo owner, your property is a substantial asset. Whether your sale will lead to your personal ascension of the property ladder, or using your newly unlocked equity towards another investment, you’ll want to ensure you take every measure possible to optimize your market results. 

Condos are a distinct type of property. Therefore, crafting a results-forward selling plan for your condo will entail a unique set of considerations and strategies. Further, when it comes to presenting your condo for sale in a way that maximizes return on investment (ROI), not all improvements are created equal. 

This blog will analyze a selection of high-return preparations that can assist you in elevating the final sale price of your condo. 

Craft a Standout Kitchen 

One of your condo’s essential rooms, an appealing kitchen is not only efficient but also visually impressive. As you prepare your condo for the market, making selective improvements to your kitchen can prove profitable upon sale. 

High ROI kitchen projects include updating the backsplash and repainting, refinishing, or replacing cabinets. Upgrades to kitchen hardware such as lighting fixtures and major appliances can additionally elevate your condo’s value. 

After making any physical moderations to the space, incorporating certain staging techniques can further improve the ambience of your kitchen. For instance, small initiatives such as replacing your kitchen table and chairs with a more contemporary option and making adjustments to decor can greatly influence the feel of the kitchen – allowing you to further entice buyers by standing out from other units on the market. 

Light & Colour

Light and colour are critical elements of your condo’s overall ambience. 

While most condo properties in Toronto are gifted with an abundance of natural light, adding choice fixtures throughout the unit can make it feel open, spacious and welcoming. 

Colour is a similarity pertinent aspect of this principle. While a relatively small project, applying a fresh coat of paint (using the right colour or colours) presents your condo as new and well-maintained. Given the limited investment required – both in labour and expenses, the cost-benefit ratio of repainting is remarkably positive. 

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Another condo improvement with exceptional ROI potential is flooring. Depending on how recently your condo was constructed, the flooring may show substantial wear and tear, or simply be unaligned with modern design tastes. Upgrading from aged carpet to sleek hardwood can drastically influence your condo’s presentation – making it appear modern and well-kept. These qualities are foundational to encouraging top-dollar offers from interested buyers. 

Final Touches (Staging)

After undertaking a series of value-adding improvements, staging your condo is a paramount final step in maximizing your chances of a high-return sale. In a competitive condo market, staging is not just a luxury but a strategic necessity in elevating your property above similar units. 

While the process is advantageous for all kinds of homes, staging is particularly beneficial for condos as a result of their natural characteristics. For instance, most Toronto condos are compact in their layout and square footage. However, professional staging can make your unit feel larger and more spacious through strategic framing and design choices. 

Cementing the value of this process, the successes of staging have been well documented with industry data. Results from a wide range of markets (including Toronto) indicate that staged condos sell at higher prices compared to their non-staged counterparts. 

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Sell Your Condo With Ramsay Real Estate Group

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Beyond helping you achieve an incredible result, we’ll also coordinate and execute every aspect of your pre-market preparations – including renovations and staging on your behalf. It’s all part of our full-service, end-to-end approach. 

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