If you’re looking to purchase or sell property, partnering with an experienced, top-performing real estate team is paramount to finding success. As your dedicated representatives, it’s their hands-on expertise, skills, and acumen that will help you achieve a great result. 

That said, your real estate team isn’t working alone. As you navigate the market, they’ll also collaborate with their brokerage to ensure you have the greatest advantage possible. 

If you’re approaching the market in the near future and searching for the right real estate team to support your goals, it’s helpful to understand the difference between a team’s roles and responsibilities, and what their brokerage does. 

What is a Real Estate Brokerage?

In simple terms, a real estate brokerage is a larger company that a real estate team works under. Given their strong degree of brand recognition and industry prominence, you may already be familiar with (or have heard of) some of Canada’s top brokerages – for instance,  Harvey Kalles, Royal LePage, or RE/MAX. 

Lending a wide range of professional support to all the teams under their umbrella, a brokerage won’t completely dictate how an agent or team practices real estate, but it does impact how they can support their clients. For instance, two real estate teams that work with the same brokerage could be entirely different in their professional approach, degree of experience, and neighbourhood expertise. 

Taking this into account, as you approach the market it’s most imperative to be selective in the agent (and team) you choose to work with. Whether you’re buying or selling, your real estate agent and their team will be your main guide and resource during your market journey. It’s their professional duty to protect your interests and steer you toward the best result possible. While working closely with you, they’ll also collaborate with their brokerage in the background to ensure they’re able to support your goals to the fullest extent. 

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How Does Your Team Choose a Brokerage?

In Ontario, agents are required to partner with a brokerage before they can legally begin practicing real estate. An agent might choose their brokerage for any number of reasons such as existing relationships, what resources and training they can provide, brand recognition, size, and beyond.

In the majority of cases, agents will choose a brokerage immediately after completing the required education and licensing process. This happens whether they are practicing independently or by joining an existing team that’s already affiliated with a brokerage. 

Agents can also change which brokerage they work with at various points in their career, either by switching teams, making the change independently, or by starting a team of their own. 

How Does A Brokerage Elevate Your Agent’s Service?

Keep in mind that every brokerage is different. While these particular perks are relatively common, not all teams will have access to the same degree of resources and support. 

A Wider Network

Many teams connect and collaborate with other agents that are part of the same brokerage. As a buyer or seller, this means access to insider insights, information on upcoming listings, a direct line to other agent’s clients, and more. 

Relationships & Reach

As larger companies, many brokerages hold partnerships with high-reach syndicates and other real estate adjacent brands. This allows smaller real estate teams to broadcast their listings on a substantial (and often global) scale, soliciting attention from buyers beyond the local market. 

Brand Power

Some of the most prominent real estate brokerages in Ontario are recognized nationally and even internationally. This level of brand recognition adds familiarity, trust, and exposure – elevating both the buying and selling experience. 

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Ramsay Group & Harvey Kalles

Providing our clients with a distinctive market advantage, Ramsay Real Estate Group is proud to be affiliated with Harvey Kalles, a leading real estate brokerage in the Greater Toronto Area for over 65 years. 

In addition to the dynamic advantages provided by Harvey Kalles, our clients reap the rewards of our strategic, hands-on approach to real estate. Drawing on decades of combined experience in real estate and property management, we bring a sharp, insightful perspective to the buying and selling process. Our clients can be confident that our knowledge and experience will yield the most effective results. 

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